Oh boy!

Just over a week ago, I had my first lesson in motherhood:  Prepare and plan and then prepare for that plan to change.  If I were patting myself on the back, I actually felt like I was further along in planning for my maternity leave, which was to start on or around March 1.  I was not prepared, however, to leave work on January 30th and have a baby a few short days later!


Braden Richard Hickey was born on Monday, February 2nd at 5:38 pm.  If you have been following along, that is 4 weeks before his due date.  Some could say he is impatient, like his mom…some could say he loves being early, like his dad…but all will definitely say it was a huge surprise!


After getting over the initial shock, we are over the moon!! He is a beautiful, healthy baby boy…weighing in at 6 lbs, 14 oz and 18.25 inches long.  And yes, that is a pretty good size baby for 4 weeks early, if you ask me😉

So now what?!  I have been home the last week and a half loving on my little miracle and learning more life lessons than I ever thought possible.  And as far as hey daisy…the show must go on!  We had planned a huge winter clearance sale as my “last hurrah” before maternity leave and the girls have done a great job getting everything prepared in my absence.  If you aren’t following us on Facebook (shame on you😉 ) here are the details:

vday sale

If you are out and about this Valentine’s week-end, stop by for some awesome deals.  You do know that the faster stores get rid of winter merchandise, the faster spring comes, right?!?! As for me? It seems only fitting that I will spend my Valentine’s Day with my husband and the new love of my life, Braden…who stole our hearts within minutes of being in this world.


Lots of love-Sarah

Hellloooooo!! Did you miss us?!

We’ve taken a little break from blogging to get some things organized around here (work in progress) and take our blog in a new direction (more info to come) but we’re back with tons of exciting hey daisy news! This crisp air has brought the fact that it is already November to my attention.  Has it been almost a whole year since my last “thankful” blog?!  Holy cow! Time sure does fly by, but before the hectic Holidays sweep us entirely off of our feet we must pause and point out that, yet again, we have so dang much to be thankful for…so we are dedicating the whole month of November to being (crazy) thankful!

First things first, we are so thankful for you all…our fabulous customers!!!! We wouldn’t be where we are today without your love, support and loyalty. And so, this holiday season we have TONS of amazing promotions coming your way!  There is going to be something new happening literally every week, so be sure you are following us on FB (you actually have to click to see us in your feed with all the new rules), signed up to receive emails (which you can do on FB too) and just stopping in to see what’s new too. We love helping you shop either for yourself or the people on your list and the Holidays are our absolutely favorite time to do it…did you know there are only 50 days til Christmas?!

Next, we are thankful that…our wholesale business…Seeing Stars Inc…is booming!! We call it the “secret” side of our business because quite frankly, no one really even knows it exists!  Which is interesting, because it vacuums up about 80 percent of our time right now ;)  But we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Rachel is constantly hard at work designing new products and the rest of us are scrambling to stay organized in our new warehouse and get things shipped out as fast as we can!  She has launched 6 new quote boxes which come out in January, but hey daisy gets to do a soft launch of these beauties next week, and they can be found at shopheydaisy.com.  Here’s a peek of one of my personal favorites (which just so happens to fit nicely into my thankful blog!!)

Speaking of a house full of people I love, our little house is about to get a little fuller!  John and I will be a welcoming a baby to our family this March!!  We are ecstatic!! I am so thankful for this little miracle, as well a fantastic team of people to help take the reigns while I am out.  I can honestly say that over the years the thought of leaving for any extended period of time would give me somewhat of an ulcer but these ladies have it under control and I am so thankful that I will be able to take some time off to enjoy my little bundle of joy!

Now being thankful and excited about this new part of my life does not mean that I have it all figured out yet😉 I have under 4 months to figure out how I’m going to balance everything, shift my priorities and simplify things, while still giving my first baby (hey daisy, hehe) the attention it needs!  While I’m certain I will love my new life of motherhood, I know there will be some adjusting for this workaholic who has lived and breathed “the job” for the past 12 years.  And so it begins, I’m “Shopping for Simple” at this cute little boutique called hey daisy, where I can always find exactly what I’m looking for.